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anthony's Villa

Anthony's Villa started after our founder, Anthony Campbell, adopted his three sons. Each one either had lived in a group home, or would have been placed in a group home had Anthony not been identified as an opportunity for placement. Through his experience with Children's services as a Foster Parent, Anthony learned a great deal about the gaps that exist in the system - and opportunities to imporve the experience and outcomes for children and families.

Programming overview


Our first focus will be on providing housing to 10-20 children. As we grow we will move to build/purchase a central location where we can build apartments so as children age out of the Foster Care System we can help them transition to adulthood through the Bridges Program.

Healthcare Services

Our first healthcare service will be behavioral health services including counseling, therapeutic behavioral services (TBS), and Intensive Home-Based Behavioral Health Treatment (IHBT). As we grow we will work to provide psychology and med management, Primary Care, Dental (including orthodontics), and optical (vision) services.

Case Management

We will provide children case management services to help coordinate their personal needs, as well as educational case management.


Transitions care will be provided to children who move back in with parents who have worked their case plans so their families can be reunified, as well as children who ultimately age out. This transition will provide these young adults with job services, housing, and other services they would need to be successful as an adult.


As we move into a larger concentrated location, we will build an educational center to provide trauma informed services through an on-site charter school. This school will provide STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education. 


We will work to build out a mentorship team to help children find adults who they can model their lives after and understand there is a way forward.

Alternative Therapies

As our programing grows we are going to work to build out alternative therapies including: 

  • Equine Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Therapy animals (dogs)

Business Accelerator

As teens approach adulthood there are multiple opportunities they could follow. We will work to build a community of entrepreneurs to build business accelerators to build opportunities for children to run their own business and create funding pathways to change their tragectory.

Workforce Development

We will develop social enterprises to create jobs for individuals in our communities and progams. These social enterprises will develop further funds to increase the level of programming we can provide, but also increase job opportunities with trauma informed leadership.

Why We do What we do

Impacts of Foster Care


For children who have been in foster care it is shown that for each home they leave they become 6 months further behind - so a child who has been in 5 houses 2-3 years behind their peers.

Siblings Playing Together
Happy Family

Generational Impact

Foster care impacts not only the parents and children, but also it is more likely that children in foster care are more likely to have children who end up in foster care. 

Trauma Informed Care


Children in foster care have experienced extensive trauma, both with their biological families, but also in their foster families, and additional trauma with each move they experience.

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As children who have been in foster care become adults, it is found that they are more likely to become incarcerated and addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

how you can help

Host an Event

Host an event at your church or organization. Anthony can come and speak and you can chose the best way to provide funding to Anthony's Villa - whether through a love offering, a speghetti dinner, or a church sponsorship.

Become a Sponsor


Become a sponsor and provide support through one time, weekly, monthly, or annual support. Give the amount that you feel is appropriate for your church or organization. 

Become a Prayer Partner

Become a prayer partner with us. Email us to join our prayer list at and say you would like to become a prayer partner.

Make Referrals


Make referrals to our organization or refer our organization to your local Job and Family Service so we can work to get a contract with them.

Share Our Story



Share our story with your congregation and allow them to support how they feel is best on an individual level.

Share your Story


Share your story with us, and how foster care, adoption, and residential facilities have made an impact on you, your church, or community.

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