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Make a difference in the life of a child

  • Dinner Club

    Every month
    Feed a Teen for just 50 Cents per day!
    • Private access to our youth driven blog
    • See the impact you are making
    • Feed a teen for 1 day each month
    • 30 Sponsors feed a teen for a whole year!
  • Birthday Club

    Every month
    Celebrate a child's birthday for just $1.64 per day!
    • Exclusive Blog Access to view Birthday Celebrations
    • Directly see the impact of your donation
    • Provide a party and gift to a teen on their birthday!
    • 10 Sponsors will sponsor every child in our home!
  • Sponsor a Day

    Every month
    Make a home for children for just $3.29 per day!
    • Exclusive access to child and staff blogs
    • See the impact you are making on children
    • Exclusive acknowledgement on your selected sponsorship day
    • Cover all the costs of one day of operations over the year
    • 365 Sponsors cover all costs to provide our children a home!
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