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Making a Tomorrow


for everyone

We are looking to change the world and make it brighter, one life at a time.
The road ahead may look daunting, but each step along the way will change the world to make tomorrow a brighter place, for everyone.

Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone


Our foundation to making tomorrow brighter for everyone is connecting individuals with a safe welcoming place to call home. We will do this through our first group home for teen boys here in Sandusky. Our programming in our first home will include:


  • Case Management

  • Basic nursing services

  • Counseling

  • Mentorship 

expanding horizons

In phase two we will work to expand services to a second home which will be to serve teenage girls. In addition to this we will look to add:

  • Job Development

  • Life skills training

  • TBS Groups and support for kids and adoptive parents

Young Man Cooking


In phase three we will work to add transitional housing for children who are aging out of the foster care system. Phase three service additional will include:

  • Bridges Housing

  • Workforce Management and directed job creation

  • Business Accelerator

  • Business mentorship and education for current and past residents.


In phase four we will work to build out an educational system for children in our programs (as well as children who have been able to transition out) to help them successfully attain a high school diploma or GED with a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) with teachers who are trauma informed and understand practices to advance outcomes with children with severe trauma.

  • Centralized services/location for housing

  • Community based foster care and adoption

  • Equine Therapy

Technology Class
Outdoor Mall


In phase five of our implementation we will look to expand and engage and serve the community even more through a mixed use development. Our programming will then expand to include:

  • Business location services (serving graduates and community by providing affordable rent options for a thriving community)

  • Advanced job creation and development

  • Onsite medical, dental (including orthodontics serving Uninsured and Medicaid populations), optical, and behavioral health services for clients and community

  • Affordable housing (both community and graduates from any of our program)

  • Advanced events services and arts performances with large theater and exhibits

A Brighter future is in reach

Help us get to our goal

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