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Make a Diffence

Teenager at Home

Meet A.G., a remarkable young man whose resilience and determination have kept his dreams alive despite facing immense challenges throughout his life.  A.G. is now navigating high school with aspirations of becoming a welder. However, he needs your help to transform these dreams into reality.


A.G.'s Story of Resilience
From experiencing a staggering eight different placements to overcoming the tragic loss of his father, A.G.'s journey is one of true grit. His mother is incarcerated, leaving him without parental support at a critical time. Despite these hardships, A.G. has not only maintained perfect attendance at school but also thrives as an enthusiastic football player, finding camaraderie and relief on the field.


Here at Anthony's Villa, A.G. has found a semblance of the stability he so desperately needs. As he looks toward a future in welding after his graduation, we are committed to ensuring that A.G. has the supportive environment necessary to pursue his educational and professional goals.


How Your Donation Helps
The cost of providing comprehensive care for A.G. — including housing, clothing, food, and essential overhead — amounts to $200 per day. By sponsoring A.G., you will be playing a pivotal role in:

  • Ensuring his stability through consistent and nurturing care.

  • Supporting his education and extracurricular activities which are vital for his personal development.

  • Preparing for his future by helping fund his transition into a welding program and securing stable housing post-graduation.


Your Impact
By choosing to sponsor A.G., you're not just providing financial assistance; you are offering hope and the opportunity for a young man to build a stable and promising future. Your support will not only change A.G.'s current circumstances but will also pave the way for his success as he transitions into adulthood.


Join Us in Making a Difference
Please consider making a lasting impact on A.G.'s life by sponsoring his journey today. Your generosity will help provide the foundation he needs to succeed and assure him that he is not alone in this journey.


Thank You for Your Support
Your contribution means more than just monetary help; it signifies a beacon of hope and a chance for a brighter future. Together, we can help A.G. achieve his dreams and ensure that his story continues to be one of resilience and success.

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