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House Parent

At Anthony's Villa, children arrive seeking support and care. As a house parent, you will provide them with unconditional love, guidance, and the chance to discover their unique purpose in life. Help these children flourish and become the individuals they were destined to be, nurturing their growth and empowering them to embrace their full potential.

Requirements for house parents

Join us in

We are focused on licensure in Ohio. House parents must either live or move to Ohio. Preferably in or around Erie County.

Have a heart for children

We are helping children most in need. It is not easy, but we will support you as you support the children who will be placed in your home.

Have a call to the mission

Life as a houseparent is a calling. House parenting is a full-time job. Be ready to jump head first into the mission.


House Parent Process

Joining us as a house parent is a big commitment. We expect house parents to commit to a minimum of 5 years of service as the interview and licensure process takes 12-18 months for each home.

Months 1-3​

  1. Determine if being a full-time house parent is for you and your spouse.

  2. Apply to join us as a house parent.

Months 4-6

  1. We will perform a rigorous interview process that includes background checks, reference checks, and in-home interviews.

  2. Get approval from us to join

Months 7-18

  1. Secure or provide current housing that meets ODJFS standards (we will help you with this).

  2. Begin the local licensure process

  3. Obtain Licensure

  4. Continue your journey as a House Parent at Anthony's Villa.

Life as A house parent

House Parent

Daily Schedule of a House Parent at Anthony's Villa:

5:00 - Wake up calls

5:30-7:00 - Medication Administration and Breakfast 7:00-8:00 - Send kids off to school

8:00-10:00 - Complete Daily Documentation

10:00-2:30 - Tackle house maintenance, cleaning tasks, and grocery shopping

2:30-3:30 - Prepare for children's return from school

3:30-6:30 - Provide Therapeutic Behavioral Services for children (with support staff assistance)

During TBS - Prepare Dinner

6:30-7:30 - Dinner time

7:30-9:30 - Administer medication, assist with school work, allow free time, and prepare for the next day and bedtime

9:30-10:00 - Tuck kids into bed

Get ready for the next day!

As a house parent, you are always on your A-game, navigating the long and bustling days. Every nine days, house parents receive a three-day relief period, during which Youth Service workers step in to maintain the household. This break allows house parents to enjoy a stay-cation or an extended getaway. In addition, house parents are entitled to two weeks per year to unwind from the daily responsibilities.

Doing Homework
Couple on Jetski

House parent benefits

House parents take pride in knowing that their work has a profound impact on the lives of children. They can look forward to being remembered as the compassionate adult who made a lasting difference in a child's life.

Additionally, house parents benefit from:

  • Competitive Compensation ($50,000 per parent)

  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • 401(K) with an automatic 10% Employer Contribution

  • A rotating schedule of 9 days on, followed by 3 days off

  • 2 weeks of Annual Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • Student Loan Forgiveness after 10 years (Federal Only)

  • Up to $5,500 pre-tax funds toward student loan payments

  • All housing and standard living expenses covered

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Sandusky, OH 44871


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