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Group Homes are Critical Infrastructure for the Care and Support of Vulnerable Youth

Group homes are critical infrastructure for the care and support of children and youth who are in need of safe and stable living environments. These homes provide shelter, food, and support for children who may be experiencing trauma, abuse, or neglect. Group homes are an essential component of the child welfare system and play a vital role in the lives of vulnerable youth.

Research has shown that group homes can have positive outcomes for youth in care. One study found that youth who were placed in group homes had higher levels of educational achievement and lower rates of recidivism than those who were placed in other types of care (McMillen et al., 2003). Another study found that youth who lived in group homes reported higher levels of overall satisfaction with their placement than those who lived in other types of care (Zima et al., 2000).

Despite the positive outcomes associated with group homes, they are often over