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Making a Difference: Sponsor a Child and Change a Life

At Anthony's Villa, we believe that every individual has the power to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in foster care. By becoming a sponsor, you can directly impact the well-being and future of these deserving children. In this blog post, we invite you to explore our sponsorship opportunities and discover how your support can transform lives.

  1. Dinner Club: Empower a Teen: For just $15 a month, you can join our Dinner Club and sponsor a day of meals for a teen in our care. Your ongoing contribution ensures that these young individuals have nutritious and fulfilling meals every day. As a member of the Dinner Club, you'll gain access to our youth-driven blog, providing exclusive insights into the impact of your sponsorship. Join the Dinner Club and be part of the team that nourishes and empowers our teens. JOIN THE DINNER CLUB

  2. Birthday Club: Celebrate with Joy: By donating $50 every month to our Birthday Club, you can provide a special celebration and a memorable gift for a child on their birthday. Your contribution helps us create magical moments and ensures that each child feels valued and loved on their special day. As a member of the Birthday Club, you'll have exclusive access to our blog, where you can witness the joy you bring to these children's lives. Join the Birthday Club and make birthdays unforgettable for our children. JOIN THE BIRTHDAY CLUB

  3. Sponsor a Day: Covering All Costs: With a monthly donation of $100, you can sponsor a day at Anthony's Villa, covering all the costs associated with providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children. As a sponsor, you'll gain exclusive access to the blogs of our children and staff, witnessing firsthand the impact your generosity has on their lives. Furthermore, you'll receive special acknowledgement on your selected sponsorship day, recognizing your commitment to making a difference. Join us in sponsoring a day and play a vital role in our mission of providing a home for these deserving children. SPONSOR A DAY

Sponsoring Anthony's Villa is an opportunity to directly impact the lives of children in foster care. Through our Dinner Club, Birthday Club, and Sponsor a Day options, you can make a difference in a way that aligns with your passion and commitment. Whether you choose to empower a teen, celebrate a birthday, or cover the costs of a day, your support contributes to the well-being and success of these deserving children.

Visit our sponsorship page at: to learn more about each sponsorship level and start making a difference today. Together, we can create a brighter future for the children at Anthony's Villa, providing them with the love, care, and support they deserve. Your sponsorship is a catalyst for change, and by joining us, you become a champion for their dreams and aspirations.

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