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Meet Our Team: Profiles of Anthony's Villa Staff - Introducing Anthony Campbell, a Visionary Leader

At Anthony's Villa, we are more than just a group home and mental health services agency - we are a beacon of hope, a promise of a brighter future, and a nurturing haven for children in foster care. The guiding light behind our mission is none other than our Founder and CEO, Anthony Campbell, whose personal experiences and unwavering dedication have created a unique sanctuary for our children. Today, we would like to take you on a journey through Anthony's life, his motivations, and his vision for Anthony's Villa.

Educational Background and Early Life Experiences

Anthony graduated from Perkins High School, where he held leadership roles as the drum major of the band and editor of the Yearbook. Through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program (PSEOP), he demonstrated his ambition and commitment to learning, completing an associate's degree concurrently with his high school studies at BGSU Firelands.

Following his passion for business and healthcare, Anthony pursued a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Liberty University and later, a dual Master's in Business Administration and Health Services Administration from Xavier University, where he entered as the youngest member of his class. In his unwavering dedication to children's welfare, Anthony is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work at Grand Canyon University and a Juris Doctor at the University of Akron.

Personal Journey Inspires Anthony's Villa

The seeds for Anthony's Villa were sown in Anthony's own personal experiences. His father's absence from his life from an early age highlighted the impact of not having strong male role models at home. His volunteer work leading middle and high school ministries at multiple campuses of Crossroads in Cincinnati further emphasized the need for supportive environments for children in foster care.

Anthony's journey to becoming a foster and adoptive parent began when he became a licensed respite care provider through New Path Child and Family Services (formerly St. Joseph's Orphanage). His first placement, Matthew, transformed under his care, leading to a full-time placement and eventual adoption in 2021. This was followed by the successful placements and adoptions of Blade and Christian, who flourished under Anthony's patient, dedicated care.

Anthony's Villa: A New Paradigm in Foster Care

These experiences crystallized in Anthony's vision for Anthony's Villa. Recognizing the gaps in mental health and educational support for foster children, Anthony was inspired to establish a home that could provide more comprehensive, integrated care. After moving back to Sandusky, close to his family, and witnessing the challenges children in the foster care system face in accessing mental health services, Anthony expanded the Villa's services to include mental health support.

In his professional life outside Anthony's Villa, Anthony serves as the Director of Analytics at NOMS Healthcare, leading data science and analytics for 300+ providers and assisting in the implementation of Epic. He is also credited with fundraising over $5 million to implement the nation's first fully-integrated healthcare practice within Fairfield and Hamilton City School Districts during his time at Primary Health Solutions. This model is now used across the nation.

Anthony's Vision for the Future

Anthony plans to leverage his wealth of experience to create a new, holistic model for children in foster care with higher acuity needs. His vision involves an integrated system focused on healing children from trauma and helping them thrive holistically.

Anthony’s Villa operates out of his own home, embodying the motto "our home is your home". He lives there with his three adopted children - Blade, Matthew, Christian - and their three dogs, Sammie, Oreo, and Petey, living and breathing the mission of Anthony's Villa every day.


Anthony Campbell is not just our founder and CEO; he is a beacon of hope, an emblem of resilience, and the heart and soul of Anthony's Villa. His personal journey, vision, and dedication to transforming the lives of children in foster care are truly inspiring. We're proud to have him at the helm, guiding us as we strive to make the world a brighter place for our children.

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